On this page, we are focusing on technical support for tutors and students to get through their online lessons. For teaching material support, check our Resources page out.

Technical Support

You can run the online lesson space directly from your laptop, desktop or tablet. Here is a checklist to ensure that you are ready for your online lessons.

  • Laptop or Desktop (Windows or Macintosh)
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection
A+ Options
  • iPad/Android tablet for touchscreen/stylus capability
  • Wacom Intuos (a great option to iPad/Android tablet)

Getting started in your online lessons with collaborative apps

We highly recommend for tutors and students to use a combination of Google Meet and Google Docs as the main applications for the teaching process. If you have a tablet or any devices with touch screen and stylus, Microsoft Whiteboard will be one of the best free application for a tutor to teach a student in real-time and more real experience.

INTRODUCTION to google docs

Google Docs is a free Google app that provides users with the ability to create, edit, and collaborate with others live on the web/browser. The collaboration using Google Docs will help tutor and student work on the same document in real-time and making the lesson much easier and entertaining. To get started with Google Docs, all you need is to create a free Google account.

how to teach using google meet

While Google Docs is functioning like manual whiteboard and note-taker, Google Meet will enable tutor and student to meet virtually and having 2-way communications instantly. Just like Hangout, Meet is more advance with new features that help tutor and student to have an online lesson with more confident and easier. We recommend this detailed tutorial on how to utilize Google Meet for online lessons.

Introduction to Microsoft Whiteboard

Taking the magical simplicity of an analogue whiteboard and adding interactive, collaborative technology, Microsoft Whiteboard gives the whole class a new space to engage, ideate, and create. Tutor and student can brainstorm and grow ideas on this limitless canvas, coming together on lessons, and more. Most important thing is, it is FREE to download.

how to use Microsoft Whiteboard for teaching

You should be noted that this app requires some devices with touchscreen/stylus capability (A+ Options). Here in this video, Ian Mikutel, the Head of Product at Microsoft giving such details guide on how to utilize Microsoft Whiteboard to make your lesson is on par to what you are having in the real classroom.