The Max Planck Academy is the learning centre project by Initiative for Malaysian Humanitarian (INSAN) named after Max Planck, a theoretical physicist and a father of quantum physics. The academy focuses on the mission to advance scientific thinking among youths, through the virtue of lifelong learning.

In honouring Max Planck, the Academy will strive for excellence, understanding, and succinct knowledge in the scientific field, especially physics.

It is also in the Academy’s intention to introduced Max Planck among young generations, in which the man himself left a great legacy in quantum physics through his Planck’s Constant and much more—yet not many recognised his name compare to his other colleagues such Einstein and Bohr.

Planck was 42 years old when he made his historic quantum announcement. Planck himself said, despite having invented the quantum theory, he did not understand it himself at first. Nevertheless, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918 for his achievement.